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Dynamic Turn Signal Trunk Lights

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  • 5 Function: when driving, taillight light up with blue; when braking, red light up; when open turn left a light, yellow light flow to left; when open turn right light, yellow light flow to right; when open double flashing lamp, yellow light flow to two sides from middle light.
  • Car trunk signal light is different with others. The main colors are blue and red which changing by the signal. Lighting as streamer is amazing and keep you safe on a dark night, rainy day, foggy day and snowy day. Enhance safety with higher visibility and reduce accidents in bad weather, a chance of rear-end collision.
  • Material: silicone tube. Waterproof IP65, epoxy process designed refuse moisture for long-term use, fuse overload protection, it can keep it 50000 hours life.

Item Weight: 0.25kg
Wattage: 10W
Color Temperature: 8000K
Lumens: 150lm
Color Light: red and ice blue
Car model: Universal
Voltage: DC12V
Light Source: LEDs strips
Color: Multicolor
Length:90cm, 120cm, 150cm
36inch or 90cm:  148 SMD LED
48inch or 120cm:196 SMD  LED
60inch or 150cm: 246 SMD  LED
This strip is universal, it can be used for all cars.

36inch or 90cm used for small car, micro-models, compact models

48inch or 120cm used for medium models, senior models, luxury models, sedan models

60inch or 150cm used for CDV models, MPV models SUV and other models


Function description:
There are 6 lines for the input of the product controller,
Redline for a posistive car battery, black line for the car battery negative.
1. Blue line: Blue light when connecting to ACC.
2. White line: Light on highlights red when connecting to the brake light.
3. Yellow line: Light mode on red color 25% brightness from streamer from left to right
When the right connection lights up.
4. Yellow line: Light mode on red color 25% brightness from streamer from right to left
When the right connection lights up.
5. When double flash warning occurs, red light streamer mode from center to both sides at the same time and
Same speed, it is to highlight red color in the middle.
6. Light mode on red by steam when the brake and rotation function is lit at the same time.