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Cat Halloween Costume

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Dress up your four-legged friend and get ready to set for your next adventure together, whether it’s a party, holiday, or just general entertainment. This 2 piece set includes an ascot and hat with highly adjustable Velcro straps to ensure stability. Made with high-quality, non-toxic materials, these costumes are fun and safe for you and your proud furbaby. Dressing your pet up as an adorable is a sure way to evoke any number of gushing compliments from friends and family while your humble companion prepares to set off for the seven seas in search of treats.

Key Benefits

  • Makes an ideal for Halloween costume.
  • Hilariously adorable headband includes an elastic strap so it’s simple to put on.
  • Posting pictures of your very own Princess Leia are sure to launch your social media posts into hyperspace!


(Small)  Height  7'      Chest (11'-15')       Neck 11'      Weight 3 lb - 6 lb 

(Medium)  Height  8'  Chest(15'-18')        Neck 13'       Weight 7 lb - 9 lb

(Large) Height 9'       Chest(18'-20')        Neck  15'      Weight 10 lb - 12 lb

(XLarge) Height 10'    Chest(20'-22')        Neck 17'       Weight  14 lb - 17 lb