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Magic Grill Mat (Set of 3)

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Are you tired of losing your food to the grill? Imagine marinating some chicken or vegetables you took your time on to make perfect and then it's ruined by either dropping through the grill or stuck to it.

With Magic Grill Mat, you'll NEVER have to worry about that again! 

Set of 3 15.75'' x 13'' mats made from heavy duty PTFE (PFOA Free) coated fabric. Keeps your food from slipping through a normal grill and grills your food perfectly every time! Perfect for all foods such as chicken, wings, burgers, steaks, shrimp, fruits, vegetables, breakfast and you'l never even pizza! Can be used on any grilling platform (charcoal, gas or electric) and the temperature is up 500 F 100% non-stick and can be used over and over again! Easy to clean and is dishwasher safe!