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Titanium Needle Roller
Titanium Needle Roller
Titanium Needle Roller
Titanium Needle Roller

Titanium Needle Roller

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If you are male or female and experiencing baldness, thinning hair or alopecia (hair loss), the Titanium Needle Roller can help!

We suggest using a shorter needle length roller (0.25mm-1.0mm) for hair growth 

Titanium Needle Roller is a natural treatment for Hair Loss. It is used to increase blood flow to the hair follicles and activate the skin’s natural regeneration process. The Titanium Needle Roller causes micro-injury to the skin, which triggers a wound-healing response. It is thought that this process stimulates the production of a protein that leads to hair generation, whilst inhibiting a protein that causes hair loss.

The Titanium Needle Roller can be used with any hair growth products and significantly enhances the absorption of any products applied to the skin immediately before or after rolling (in fact Titanium Needle Roller is proven to increase absorption of products through the skin by up to 3000%).

How to use:


1. Wet your hair before using the Titanium Needle Roller on your scalp. This will help prevent your hair from getting tangled in the roller.

2. Begin using the Titanium Needle Roller at the front of the scalp on or near the hairline and work your way down the back of the head (treating only the areas where hair loss has occurred).

3. Focussing on one section of the scalp at a time, roll each area 10-15 times. You can do this by rolling horizontally, vertically and diagonally, three or four times each way.

4. Roll in one direction only when the needles are in contact with the scalp (don’t go backward and forwards) and try to roll from the hair roots to the ends. This will prevent any hair from getting caught in the needles.

5. Repeat this process until you have covered all areas needing the treatment.

6. Use it 2-3 times a week

7. Results appear after the first two weeks of usage


You only need to apply a moderate amount of pressure. Rolling too aggressively won’t give you better results and can cause skin irritation, scratches and/or needle marks.



-9 disks x 60 Needles (540 Needles total)

-Needle material: Fine titanium

-Handle/Roller Material: PC+ABS

-High sealing sterilization packaging